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Balloon Services

All our services are offered with high quality balloons

 Pretty POP Garland

This amazing garland is the POP for any event. The Pretty POP Garland offers a wide variation in balloon sizes perfect for an organic look.

Greenery and special add-ons can be requested at an extra fee. 

*Starting at $20 per foot

**Minimum 10 feet

Standard Garland 

The Standard Garland is your go to option. Choose up to 3 colors for a versatile solution, perfect for small orders and grab and go garlands.
* Starting at $16 per foot
**Minimum 4 feet  

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 5.45.28 PM.png

Balloon Mosaic Numbers and Letters

These number and letter mosaics can add the WOW factor you're looking for.

Sizes available 

*3ft- $125 / per digit, letter

*4ft- $175 / per digit, letter

 *5ft- $300 / per digit, letter

Balloon Rainbow

Pick your colors and let me create a stunning Balloon Rainbow for you. They are so fun and truly a one of a kind piece.

*Starting at $200

 Gold Hoop Base

This classic hoop backdrop is a perfect addition to any wedding, engagement party, baby shower, bridal shower, etc.

*Starting at $330

**Overall Height: 7.5ft

***Metal color: Gold

Balloon Wall

A Balloon Wall can be used as an amazing backdrop, using different size balloons and unique add-ons to create a masterpiece.

*Starting at $375

**Dimensions 5ft-12ft H x 5ft-12ft W

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